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A dazzling intellectual memoir, a high-level lesson in market economics, a terrific read.

– Dan Seligman, Forbes magazine

The Joy of Freedom is a quasi-autobiographical clarion call for a free society. It is passionate and eloquent, yet at the same time, thoughtful, informed, and profound. A splendid statement of the moral case for a free society, at the same time it is an informed and comprehensive survey of its practical virtues and of the harm done by widespread government intervention.

– Milton Friedman, Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, and Nobel Laureate

An engaging tale of Henderson's odyssey to the wonders of freedom.

– John Stossel, Fox News

Economics, like politics, has its "great communicators". David Henderson is one of them. A superb lesson from one of the more masterly of our economic teachers.

– Amity Shlaes, columnist, Financial Times

If you think, as I did, that economics is a tedious and finally impenetrable subject, this is the book for you. It is a can't-put-it-down read that engages you in story and events even as it educates. Here economic principles are not dry theories; they are events in Henderson's life. And we come to root for him as he struggles to see through one economic commonplace after another. I congratulate him on a fine achievement.

– Shelby Steele, author of A Dream Deferred: the Second Betrayal of Black Freedom in America

This charming book is part memoire and part history, supported by a good bit of economics and a touch of political philosophy and all decorated with some mighty telling anecdotes.

– Susan Lee, member of the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal

The Joy of Freedom is the only book I've ever read by someone who tells how he learned to love freedom, and he does it with fascinating stories and facts. This book is an exciting, "you-are-there" page-turner.

– Steve Chapman, columnist, Chicago Tribune

David Henderson provides a delightful personal narrative of a libertarian's lifelong journey through the maze of modern government policy. He demonstrates how straightforward economic reasoning can expose the multitude of fallacies that are used to justify government's role in the economy -- in matters as diverse as modern environmental policy and the military draft. This is a must read for non-economists and particularly for those who obtain most of their information from The New York Times, National Public Radio, or CBS Evening News.

– Robert Crandall, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution


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